The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

I volunteered to help out with some of the design elements for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this year, it was through the Expo (thanks Kandrix) that I was given the honor of working with the town of Vulcan (thanks Dayna) on the Welcome Home project for Leonard Nimoy.

With the Expo I got to work on the program, develop badges, T-shirts, some advertising components and some of the booth materials. I also developed some propaganda posters that didn't see the light of day aside from my blog here.

It was afantastic event that allowed me to meet some very cool people that I have idolized since I was a kid. Leonard Nimoy was fantastic (I still remember tracing, then drawing freehand the image of Spock off of his "Leonard Nimoy Presents: Mr. Spock's Music From Space" album), Billie Dee Williams was pretty cool (he wrote a whole bunch of stuff on the box of my nephews Lando Mighty Mugg, and he signed my Empire Strikes Back poster). But in my book Malcolm McDowell is the coolest guy on the planet, he signed my Clockwork Orange and Time After Time posters and my Stanley Kubrick Archives book and my daughter and I got to have a nice, but brief, conversation with him (my daughter hasn't seen Clockwork but she has seen, and liked, Time After Time).