Old Dutch/Fast and Furious promo

I was given the opportunity to work on a cross promo a while back for Old Dutch Potato Chips and the movie Fast and Furious.

It was a lot of fun and could have been even more so. My original idea (I guess original is debatable) was to create character specific bags (kind of a collect them/trade them sort of thing). Five flavours, one for each actor and a fifth bag for either the car or the final key art (I thought the car would be pretty cool since it was featured so prominently). This idea met with some favourable response from the powers that be, but when it came down to the wire it was decided to tie in only to the key art for the film (created by Concept Arts).

I understood and I was looking forward to getting the full size, layered artwork for the poster but the only thing provided was the key art for the CD, and it was the flat file to boot.

So even with those challenges I think the end result worked out quite well. They were eye catching in the stores and it was one of the more popular promotions that Old Dutch ran (maybe the film had something to do with it too).