Stanley Kubrick's - The Lord of the Rings

Super Punch is having an art contest this month and I thought I would throw my design hat in the ring, so to speak. The project is to design a movie poster for a project that might have been - based on the fact that John Lennon had apparently wanted to do a Beatles version of Lord of the Rings to be directed by Stanley Kubrick. So I was trying to decide whose ego would win out on this dream film project, and inevitably it would be Stanley's. The Beatles would have hired him, but it would be HIS film and I don't think he would have wanted a picture of the Fab Four on his poster just to put bums in seats.

So I decided to incorporate Kubrick's love of san serif type and simple iconic imagery, I wanted it to have a little Saul Bass flavour and I also decided to play with the billing block at the bottom to incorporate some of the people, both actors and technical staff, that Kubrick either worked with in the past, or wanted to work with on his failed attempt at a Napoleon film (which was being developed around the same time), I also wanted to include The Beatles good luck charm in the form of Victor Spinetti. And I figured that it would be a United Artists film since The Beatles were still under contract to give them another film.

A lot of fun, I may have over analyzed it all but that's what I do sometimes and that is where the fun is at. I hope to be able to do up another one, before the clock runs down, that would highlight The Beatles - you know, bookend Kubrick's ego with theirs (although I don't think The Beatles would have brought an ego to the project, but I'm sure the film company might have said "where the hell are The Beatles?").