2011 Calgary Expo Volunteer poster

The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is beginning the process of recruiting volunteers for this years Expo and I was asked to come up with a poster idea. I had designed a series of propaganda posters that I was really excited about for the Expo last year but they never saw the light of day except as re-purposed graphics for the various volunteer, media, celebrity badges…maybe this year we can use them for their intended purpose. But in the mean time I decided to pull this one together based on an image that was shot for the upcoming outdoor posters that I worked on, designed to announce a portion of the guest line up (I'll blog about that another time).

Can you tell I like propaganda posters.

I had this idea in my head of doing an Uncle Sam style poster ever since the photo shoot for the above mentioned outdoor series - our model had an amazing, screen accurate, ANH Vader costume (once he was in it I'm afraid I geeked out a bit). I got him to do a couple of "I want you" type poses which worked out really well. I used most of the same elements on the previously mentioned poster series, so on this new recruitment poster I decided to take a cue from a series of posters made last year to promote the movie Kick Ass, which gave the imagery a bit of a painterly feel.

I quite like how it turned out, and I hope that we end up using it somewhere. We'll see. But for now, at least I have it on my blog.