Expo Billboards Round 2

After talking over the original concepts for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo billboards, based on old pulp magazines, I presented the next round. Taking into consideration all the feedback I received - and here they are.

I decided to keep the rough edges because we were still thinking of using the first group in a local magazine as a series, so I wanted them to all tie together as a unit. I wanted to keep the headline simple, a catch phrase or an expletive or a single word that can be associated with the attending celebrity. Kirk got Khaaaaan! (I even did two, the composition using the original series image works best as it leads you into the board, but I like the Wrath of Khan version better), Starbuck got Frak, Tia Carrere got Schwing, and Elvira got Unpleasant Dreams. Everything boiled down to something people can absorb in the 5 or 10 seconds that they look up to see a billboard.

It didn't meet with the level of enthusiasm I was expecting. I certainly wasn't expecting people to name their child after me (although Dean is a hell of a good name, and only the coolest people have it - Dean Martin anyone) but I was expecting a certain level of compliments, or a smattering of applause would have also been nice - I tell you, egos suck. But anyway, it is a work in progress after all. We'll see where it goes from here.