Triumph of the Wil

I've been asked to produce some shirt designs for the upcoming Expo (mark you calendars people - April 27-29, 2012), this is one that didn't make the cut but I love it anyway and I will probably make up a couple for myself and my daughter (if she'll wear it).

One of the things that will be awesome this year is that Wil Wheaton is coming to the show (yeah there are 8 other guys from the first season of Star Trek the Next Generation, but who can keep track of them all). This design is based on the first appearance of "Evil Wil Wheaton" on The Big Bang Theory, and his clever manipulation of the naive Sheldon Cooper to obtain his victory in the game of Mystic Warlords of Ka'a. I call it Triumph of the Wil. You propaganda fans out there will get the reference.