Fett Noir #4: Nightmare Alley

Well it's about time Boba got to be the big floating head on a poster. Here is the fourth poster in my Fett Noir series. My favorite part on this piece is the little book graphic (silly, I know) but I liked making it into a "Boba Fett Adventure" and rejigging the poster to fit and to give it the look and feel of a pulp novel cover. I guess that is, essentially, what film noir is anyway…a pulp novel put on the big screen.

I hope to be creating more of these soon. They are way too much fun creating.

This poster, along with my other three Fett Noir creations, has been made into a limited edition print (limited to 250 numbered copies), now available on my newly created Etsy store (http://www.etsy.com/shop/GraphicLanguage), and I have a discount on shipping if you order all four (just give me a shout and I'll pass along the top secret code)