Fett Noir meet Billy Dee Williams

I was able to get Billy Dee Williams to sign a few posters that I forgot to get him to sign when he was in Calgary a few years back but the fun thing was getting him to sign my Fett Noir poster for "Night and the City". He paused when I brought it out and then I explained what I was doing - the whole combining my love of old posters/film noir/star wars - he asked me who Oola was and after I explained her role in Star Wars lore (Rancor snack) he signed the poster and said he thought it was pretty cool. So I asked him if he would like one, he nodded (I took it as a nod, maybe he was saying hi to someone behind me) and then I gave him the extra one I had in my tube (that was the purpose of the extra poster all along). So that was pretty awesome for me.