Misha Collins, an exchange.

More stuff from the Edmonton Expo.
Me: Hi, I have never watched your show befo…
Misha: Neither have I!
Me: Anyway, my brother is a huge fan, he keeps suggesting I watc…
Misha: Don't. It's a piece of shit!
Me: Anyway, he's a huge fan but I don't know any of the sayings or phrases and I was wondering if…you…could…what's "assbutt"?
Misha: (with a big ass grin) He may know what that means.
Me: He probably will. Thanks.
Misha: no problem, take care.

I already told my brother that the rumpled raincoat photo above was what he got and I mentioned what Misha wrote and he sounded very happy.

I never watched Supernatural no matter how many times my brother said I should I just never got around to it. That will change because of this.