You May Fire When Ready…etc.

On Friday, April 26th the Calgary Expo goes into full swing. I've been pretty busy working on various materials for the show one that I am particularly proud of is this one:

You May Fire When Ready
I had so much fun with this one. I grabbed everything I could think of from my sci-fi overloaded brain…and then some. It started off as a quick sketch t-shirt idea (which was called lock and load because it was just going to be hand held weapons) then I thought it needed something to contain the weapons and what better than the ULTIMATE WEAPON (aside from the fact that it gets blown up twice). Once that idea formed I got the title for the piece which ties it all together.

In honour of the Lannisters arrival (Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey are coming to the show, I made The Quotable Throne. Again this started off as a shirt design and then it was felt that it would make for a pretty darn nice print too.

I also did a couple of homage shirt designs.

Starbucks. Pretty straightforward, Looking at it now I should have added stuff in the black area. Maybe next year.

And in honour of a comic book company that was waaaaay ahead of it's time. EC Comics. This one was created about 4 Calgary Expos ago when the show first introduced a horror component - that was my first year with the show. I thought, back then, that the program guide should take on an EC Comics flavour so I put this variant logo on the cover. I thought it was a pretty cool thing but it eventually got vetoed. But as we in the design/illustration field know - never throw anything away. The cover concept made it's way into this years Expo in the form of the "Weird Al" marketing materials (see below), and the logo homage is now a shirt…one that I will proudly be sporting at the show.